Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Good To Be Back!

After a much too long hiatus from blogging (who has time when you work and are gone from your home 10-11 hours a day??), I am back to blogging. You will have to excuse the recap on our lives, for those of you who keep up with me other ways. I want to keep my blog current for Selena Kate to maybe go back and read someday.
Today was my second mother's day. I woke up to a happy and not cranky girl, who has been sleeping through the night in her big girl toddler bed. She snuggled on the couch and watched Sesame Street with me this morning (something she never does). Chad made me chocolate chip pancakes and gave me some awesome Blvgari perfume and lotion and he and SK "wrote me" the sweetest letters. I was waited on hand a foot all day and got a relaxing day watching "The Vow" and spending time in our newly re-done backyard; On a side note, we decided to RV redneckify our backyard (hey we are in LA) and put astro turf (Chad's idea) and tiki torches and lanterns to create that real RV campground elegance! :) We have had a blast spending time outside by the fire pit in our redneck RV style retreat!

I have gone back to school full time at the University of Southern California for my MSW (Master's in Social Work) and am still working on my Master's in Nonprofit Management. I am missing my work at BeauCARE terribly though but have loved being with my girl during the days now. I know this was time I was not getting back so when USC called me and told me no more deferments, I knew I needed to just go for it.
Selena Kate is 16 months now and feels like she's in her terrible twos already. hr favorite word is NO and she throws herself on the ground several time a day in fits of rage or crying. Its actually comical as she rolls all over the floor yelling NO and hitting the ground. Her little anger outbursts are concerning to me but if it gets bad we put her in the corner,otherwise we ignore her and do not even look at her. She stops as soon as she realizes we do not care or want anything to do with that! She pretty much runs everywhere now and has been scraping up he knees left and right because she's 90 to nothing all day everyday. She can go down the stairs now on her belly and thinks this is hilarious. She also stands on the couch, tables anything really and yells "Sit down" while shes doing it! We have our hands FULL!
I am looking forward to this summer and spending time with her outside at the pool and Toledo Bend Lake (our new place). We are also looking forward to Grandy and Grandaddy moving here soon! We still cannot believe they are moving here but are so excited and cannot wait.
That's it for now. Stay tuned because I plan to have more time to blog :)

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