Monday, May 14, 2012

Peter Pan Moment

Now that I'm staying home with SK, I get the joy of seeing her grow each day. As I mentioned yesterday, she's become very independent and has her own little mind and temper to match. Today was a gem of a day though as we hung out at the park and swam in the kiddie pool in our newly renovated backyard. At the park, she discovered her shadow and literally chased it giggling for about 8 minutes. Then she got mad because she was trying so hard to catch it! Silly girl. Later, we went to get in the pool and I began to rub lotion into my legs and I look down, she's gotten some lotion and is rubbing it on her legs too. She is copying everything we do now. It is quite endearing right now, hopefully we don't teach her something we wished we hadn't. I watch her try to figure things out, like how to open the baby gate and I can just see her wheels going in her head. I am so happy to watch her get up very crankily in the morning, devour blueberries, watch Mickey mouse then run run run until nap time at noon which she now naps in a toddler bed. I just put her in her bed and say night night I love you, and she smiles, kisses me and rolls over and goes to sleep! This cannot be this easy, but for now it is. And for now, I am savoring my baby girl!

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