Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Memories!

What a great month we have had! Although I resigned from my position to go back to school full time and have been sad from that, we have had a blast as a family! SK and I spent Memorial Day weekend with Grandy and Granddady and Auntie Em in Merritt Island. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to old and true friends. We were able to see SK in her element with all the attention on her and all the cookies she can eat! (What are grandparents for, right?) We also got to spend a whole day with her birthmom and Gammy in Vero Beach. We had an amazing day at the beach and taking pictures of our wonderful amazing adoptive family. SK was able to meet her brother, Aidan and spend time with him at the park. Sk is beat and exhausted from the go go going we have been doing.
A highlight on what SK has been learning...This week she has been saying "Cookie" pretty regularly and knows where they are kept. She tells you, sssshhhh right before you put her to sleep. She knows how to put her bottles together!! And she is loving a little kitchen set Grandy got her and stirs and stirs with a whisk in mixing bowls. She is also obsessed with make up brushes and knows what to do with them. Here are some pics from this month!
 SK in the naughty tree corner because she was hitting and there was no corner at the park
 SK and Mommy!
 SK playing peekaboo
 Running with sticks, oh my
 Michelle, SK and me
 Gammy, Aidan and Michelle
 Sk playing at play plus in Melbourne
This was her favorite toy.

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