Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We are headed to meet Selena Kate

When we woke up this morning and all mornings since SK's due date on the 9th, we wondered if today would be the day we would meet our daughter. Around 9 am, we were called and told to head South because our birth mom's contractions were 5 minutes apart. Amy began scrambling around in circles until she realized the car was packed and that she had already created a checklist to use when that call came. Once Chad arrived home from work and packed ( Amy still cannot believe he was not packed yet!) really?... Amy has been packed for 2 weeks and had the car packed for a week. Anyways, once Chad packed, we got in the car to head down. We were updated once about our birth mother's progress but the next call was to tell us Selena Kate had been born!

As we were on I75 headed towards my parents and then the hospital, we were reminded that God's timing is His own and not ours. Through an emotional and joyful ride with the amazing news of our daughter's birth, we kept thinking of the grief that would come for others for our joy. The grief that our birthmom would and is feeling as she recovers and prepares to entrust her beautiful daughter with us! On a bigger picture note, we are calling to mind that one year ago today, there was a devastating earthquake in Haiti and all of the lives lost. After this earthquake, Amy's faith was renewed again in the greatness of God. How you might ask would Amy think God is good in all of that mess and devastation? Just like some may ask how can the sadness that all biological parents who make a life plan of adoption be something positive? But during that time one year ago today, we saw the amazing people who put their lives, jobs and safety (including Amy's father) on the line to travel to Haiti and help those in need. We call to mind the orphans and widows that were left to fend for themselves and the pain they felt from that deep loss inside. What does any of that pain have to do with the joy and excitement of our travel to meet our new daughter and we say...everything! James 1:27 states:

"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you."

We realize the word "orphan" does not always apply to the circumstance or the meaning that most think. We realize that Selena Kate is NOT an orphan, she is LOVED by twice as many people than a child born biologically to us because she will be born into two families that have a covenant with one another to raise her with as much love from as many people as possible. But there are orphans out there, even still in Haiti one year later. There are orphans affected by AIDS in Africa, who have lost both parents. There are orphans in America as well. There are children in foster care, who may never know the love that Selena Kate will experience from two families. Then, there are orphans from God, people who have lost their way or Faith in His power. We can assure you that He calls us to lead them to a place of safety and unconditional love. Strive today to find a moment to reach out to someone who is orphaned from God or consider getting involved in the many orphan ministries or adoption domestically or abroad. 

And today we give praise and Thanksgiving for the blessings in our life! 

Pics to come :)

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