Saturday, January 22, 2011

The First Week!

Selena Kate's first week with us has been busy to say the least. She has been from Vero to Merritt Island to Gulf Breeze. She has gone to Chick Fil A, Target, the pier on Navarre Beach, and even Ft. Pickens for a ride down the beach! She of course has not seen any of our chilly weather because she has either stayed in the car or had the bundle me on. This is a neat thing made for car seats to zip up around them in the car seat.
She has spent time with her Grandy and Grandaddy and Auntie M (Amy's Mom, Dad and Sister) as well as her Mimi, Papaw and Sissy (Chad's Mom, Dad and Sister). She has had plenty of baths and LOVES her hair washed. She moves her head all around under the water. She loves her MAM pacifiers and super soft blankies that our neighbor Kristy gave us. She has met all our neighbors and their children and become Marley's (our daschund) new snuggle buddy.

We have determined she is  allergic to Pampers with drymax and have had to switch her to Huggies natural care. She is still able to wear  her newborn clothing as well. She has been spending a ton of time being held by grandparents and also in her new glider, compliments of both set of grandparents.
She has a doctor appointment at the Naval Hospital to establish with her pediatrician this week and then will receive a referral to Nemours Clinic in Pensacola to see a cardiologist. The cardiologist from Arnold Palmer stated that the hole in her heart was small and would be expected to close by her 6 month check up, but we plan to follow up with the cardiologist here as well.
She has made herself a nice schedule of feeding every 4 hours and would honestly sleep through the night if we let her. She sleeps in the bassinet next to our bed at the present time but will transition to her crib as she gets a bit older. 

This week has been an amazing week of firsts for all of us. We are so blessed and in complete awe of this precious angel we have the privilege to raise. Tomorrow is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and this is so very special to us as we think how her birth mother chose life for her daughter and made a life plan for her as well. How awesome is it she CHOSE us?! At night when we pray, we wonder what we did to deserve this beautiful child. We wonder how we could ever let her biological mother know how very brave she is. What we DO celebrate is a continued relationship with SK's biological family. This gives us comfort in knowing we will be able to show and tell Selena the love that has been for her from the beginning. We will always be able to show SK her roots and this will help her grow in a positive way with the confidence in knowing she is loved beyond a shadow of a doubt! Here are her week in pictures!

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