Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our wait for Selena Kate!

On Veteran's day 2010, we were contacted by our adoption agency (also Amy's company) Bethany Christian Services to be given the news that we had been selected as a match to an expectant parent in South Florida. As we were walking on the new pier on Navarre Beach, we realized we would be parents by 2011. At that moment, we decided to pray and give thanks to God for blessing us with a match with a birth mother. By the following week, we had driven to meet our birth mother Michelle and were in awe of how amazing and smart she was! By December, we had an ongoing email contact with her and went to spend time with her and her family again before Christmas. During our time in the fall, we completed Selena Kate's nursery with Amy's parents and readied ourselves for the one thing we have wanted for the past 4 years!

As we approach Michelle's due date, we anxiously await the news that Selena Kate has been born. There is a sense of nervousness in our home as we try to wait patiently (most of you reading this know that patience is not a virtue Amy has). No matter what will happen when she is born, we remind ourselves of the great way God has made this adoption process so very sacred and meaningful. For example, we knew even before we tried to have children that we would like to name our son or daughter after a family name. When we were contacted by Bethany Christian Services to be told we had been selected as a family, we were asked if we would consider the name Selena. We of course said yes, why would we not honor the wants and desires of the woman who would give birth to the child we would raise! Yes yes yes! Little did we know that Selena was the name of Chad's great grandmother. We would only later find this out as Amy begun a family ancestry project online. So as we "patiently" await Selena Kate, we keep this and all of the other blessings in mind!


  1. yay! you have a blog :) You will love looking back at your life through this, and what a perfect time to start one! I am excited to read about your new and exciting journey

  2. Thanks Rachel! I am new at it but hey it is fun and a good way for all our friends and family to keep up as I am not so great about calling to catch up!