Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lord have mercy, we are in for it!

In the past two weeks, Selena Kate has done some serious changing. She now hands me a book and says "book". She also says Ming Ming (the duck from WonderPets). She also has completely quit using bottles and only uses her sippy cup. She has become even more opinionated and now will put herself in the corner when she misbehaves; we are in for it now! (I'm thinking this isn't an effective discipline tool). She is eating with a fork and spoon pretty well and thinks its funny to "feed" her baby dolls and purple stuffed monkey. When she's watching Dora she makes monkey noises like Boots does in the beginning. She dances around the living room during Dora or any music for that matter. At almost 18 months she amazes me with what she knows and learns everyday. We are about to move to Alexandria to be closer to my mom and dad, so we are looking forward to that. Everyday is just another fun day with my silly and sweet girl! Love love her and our life.

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