Sunday, June 24, 2012

Babies, buggies and tea sets oh my!

This week Sk has been into baby dolls. She runs around the house with a baby carriage and her baby in it. She puts her fake purse on her shoulder and begins pushing the stroller through the house. She then takes her baby out and tries to give her tea from her teacup and fake cake and cookies also from her tea set. She has become quite the prissy pants this week. She is saying thank you and please every time she wants something and then gets it. She says baby and duck duck duck. She also now knows where her eyes and mouth are in addition to her nose and belly button. She likes to show people her belly button too. She's hilarious. We have been going twice a week to toddler play time on post and she has enjoyed playing with other children. They have a kitchen set there and she loves it. She cooks and cooks all morning. She also likes the baby dolls and play house too. She will lay her babies down in the play house and give them a bottle. Her ability to learn and comprehend more and more each day amazes me. Everyday it seems she blossoms a bit more and learns something new. I am so enjoying spending this time with her as she grows and learns.

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