Friday, March 25, 2011

Month 2

Selena Kate turned 2 months on March 12th and this month has been packed! Grandy came to visit and spent quality time with SK; Mimi and Papaw came to visit and did the same; Sk got her first set of shots much to my and her dismay; Chad has been in Airman Leadership school which has kept him busy and away from home a lot; Melanie came from Jacksonville for a beach weekend with us too! WHEW! Lots going on!

SK had her first photo shoot at the end of February too. She was such a sweet little model for Rachel. And if you have not checked out Rachel Wade Photography on Facebook. She is amazing!!!!

SK has been staying with friends for daycare which has been a lifesaver. I could not be more thankful for that because there is nothing worse than feeling awful about leaving your baby girl to go to work but then doing so with someone you do not know. I cannot imagine doing that. I am blessed beyond belief to have amazing people in my life and such a great family too that keeps my spirits up when they get down.

This month has been trying to say the least! SK has been an angel of course but between work and Chad having class daily from 6 to 6 sometimes, I have felt a bit like a single mom. My best friend, Lauren, which by the way just had her 2nd daughter Sunday night has been the most amazingly calm single mother. I realize, I am not a single mother but this has given me even more respect for Lauren. I have always thought Lauren was super woman. She managed to work 2 jobs and finish her business degree while managing to keep Taylor, her daughter out of daycare and with friends and family. Now she is doing this ALL over again and is again someone I can only look up to with her positive attitude and I cannot fail mentality. I wish I had more strength in me to be this way regarding all in my life. Thank goodness Chad's class is done and I have had a ton of help from friends and family while he has been in it.

April will bring a busy month for us as well. SK has her final court date in Orange County where she will officially (in the eyes of the law) be ours! She is already our and has been entrusted to us by the most amazing friend and woman I know, Michelle, SK's birth mother! We are anxiously awaiting April 20th and the significance this day will bring. While I contemplate the exciting and busy things happening in our lives, I still am reminded of the sanctity and preciousness of life. The joy that is brought to us may bring pain to Michelle. I hope that Selena will never question just how much love is there for her. And with that thought (because you all know how my thoughts flit around faster than I can even process) I am thinking (praying) for my other best friend Shannon who is in on bed rest with her son. He is not full term and they are trying to keep him from being premature. Please send prayers her way because as much as I cannot contain the excitement that all my friends and I have children within months of one another, I do not wish a preemie on anyone!

As far as Selena's milestones, this month has been a busy one! She can successfully hold her head up; sit in the bumbo; sit in a high chair (although we do not feed her solids, she likes to sit at the table with us!); She babbles NON STOP; Smiles ALL the time and even decided that it was time to giggle in Mass 2 weeks ago! So funny and of course Chad and I could not pay attention to mass  because she had never laughed before!!!!! She weighs 11 pounds and 7 oz now and is becoming one cute and cherub-like little baby. She has been to the beach twice already and loves to sit under the umbrella in her swing and just look and listen to the waves. She adores walking around the neighborhood in the stroller and has a very contemplative look on her face, almost as if she sees the clouds and is wondering what they are! Ok, here are some pictures from this past month. Enjoy and do not forget that life is precious and family is everything!

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