Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Kids not following the plan?!...Welcome to Parenthood!"

The title of this post is "Kids not following the plan?!... Welcome to parenthood!" This was received by my (Amy's) father after I sent him a text message stating we would be late coming down to Merritt Island this week. Apparently, we forgot to ask Selena Kate what time SHE would like to get on the road to travel! We had planned on leaving at 4 am which has been the typical time she wakes for her early morning bottle. Of course, the night prior to getting on the road, SK decided it was party time from 11pm until around 4:30 am. She was in good spirits, just refused to go to sleep! I sent my Dad a text the next morning and the above was the response! LOVE IT!

We did finally get on the road to Merritt Island at 10am! We arrived there at dinner time and got settled for the weekend. Saturday, I hosted a baby shower for my best friend Lauren and SK was able to attend with Chad and Grandy and Grandaddy (this was a couples' shower). SK had her first experience with Florida Seafood in Cocoa Beach! On Sunday, Grandy's friends gave us a baby shower and spoiled us rotten with McKenzie Child's rocking chair, clothing, picture frames, and all sorts of beautiful goodies! Sunday night, we drive to Vero beach and ate dinner with SK's Birthmom Michelle and her mother "Gammy" and friend at Ruby Tuesday. This was SK's first trip to Ruby Tuesday as well. The girl ate out (well not really) all weekend! On Monday, we drove back to Gulf Breeze to stay settled in  for a week or so before we make the trip to visit family in Mississippi.

This week Chad has to go back to work... BOOOO! This weekend, our friend and former roommate, Mike will be coming in town as well and Selena told me she cannot wait to meet him! No other real great news this week. Selena has been more alert and focused and responds by looking at you when you say er name. She can put her hands together in almost a prayer like position and can suck her fingers and thumb. Here are some pics from this weekend and week so far!

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